Physicians and Providers

Charleston ENT Associates was founded in 1997 to serve people and families of Charleston, Dorchester, Colleton, and Berkeley counties.

Since then, our physicians have established 12 offices.

C Willy Schwenzfeier Bio Image C Willy Schwenzfeier, MD (Retired 2018)
Edward L McNellis Bio Image Edward L McNellis, RPh, MD
Eugene G Brown Bio Image Eugene G Brown, MD, RPh
Shaun N Scott Bio Image Shaun N Scott, MD
Edward G Behrens Bio Image Edward G Behrens, MD, PhD
Matthew D Scarlett Bio Image Matthew D Scarlett, MD
Michael C Noone Bio Image Michael C Noone, MD
Thomas S Dozier Bio Image Thomas S Dozier, MD
Mark D Ghegan Bio Image Mark D Ghegan, MD
Erik R Swanson Bio Image Erik R Swanson, MD
T Oma Hester Bio Image T Oma Hester, MD
Ronald J McVicar Bio Image Ronald J McVicar, DO
Patrick C Angelos Bio Image Patrick C Angelos, MD
Tracy S Harvey Bio Image Tracy S Harvey, MD, FACS
Robert Jordan Bio Image Robert Jordan, MD
Jessica Lee Bio Image Jessica Lee, MD
Thomas Murphy Bio Image Thomas Murphy, MD
Gregory Bennett Bio Image Gregory Bennett, DO
Kenneth A Brown Bio Image Kenneth A Brown, M.D.
Don R Christian Jr Bio Image Don R Christian Jr, M.D.
David Maurer Bio Image David Maurer, M.D.
Julien A Norton Bio Image Julien A Norton, M.D.

Advanced Practice Providers
Roxanne Hall Bio Image Roxanne Hall, MS, PA-C
Anna Maria Kammeyer Bio Image Anna Maria Kammeyer, MS, PA-C
Blair Price Bio Image Blair Price, MS, PA-C
Kristen Leigh Mauldin Bio Image Kristen Leigh Mauldin, MS, PA-C
Jennifer Campbell Bio Image Jennifer Campbell, MSN, APRN, NP-C
Steven Strocko Bio Image Steven Strocko, PA-C
Savannah Hutto Bio Image Savannah Hutto, PA-C
Taylor Hasbrouck Bio Image Taylor Hasbrouck, PA-C

Karen M Moore Bio Image Karen M Moore, AuD, CCC-A, F-AAA - Director of Audiology
Kati Davidson Bio Image Kati Davidson, AuD, CCC-A - Audiologist
Melissa A Franklin Bio Image Melissa A Franklin, MA, CCC-A - Audiologist
Kari D Horne Bio Image Kari D Horne, AuD, CCC-A - Audiologist
Lisa Leen Bio Image Lisa Leen, AuD, CCC-A - Audiologist
Linda DiCamillo Bio Image Linda DiCamillo, AuD, CCC-A - Audiologist
Jacqueline Fitzgerald Bio Image Jacqueline Fitzgerald, AuD - Audiologist
Christina Phillips Bio Image Christina Phillips, AuD - Audiologist
Salley Davidson Bio Image Salley Davidson, M. AuD, CCC-A - Audiologist (Retired 2018)
Tracy Brande Bio Image Tracy Brande, M.S. CCC-A - Audiologist
Elizabeth Ott Bio Image Elizabeth Ott, M.S. CCC-A - Audiologist
Lisa Crouch Bio Image Lisa Crouch, M.A. CCC-A - Audiologist
Audrey Rinker Bio Image Audrey Rinker, AuD, CCC-A - Audiologist
Kimberly Sawyer Bio Image Kimberly Sawyer, AuD, CCC-A - Audiologist
Sarah F Bartlett Bio Image Sarah F Bartlett, AuD, CCC-A - Audiologist
Natalie Lapreziosa Bio Image Natalie Lapreziosa, AuD - Audiologist

Scott M Edwards Bio Image Scott M Edwards, MD
Mia Templeton Bio Image Mia Templeton, MD
Patricia Roland Bio Image Patricia Roland, MD