Patient Testimonials

"Dr. McNellis - Thank you for always supporting my journey to Miss USA! I couldn't have done it without you!" - Sarah Weishuhn, Miss South Carolina USA 2015

"Friendly and compassionate staff. Staff was knowledgeable and competent in giving care and I felt that I was in good hands."

"My daughter was treated as a princess. Great staff."

"The physicians, nurses, and staff were all so kind and comforting. I felt as if everyone truly cared about me as an individual."

"Liked the convenience of having an onsite pharmacy versus having to drive to my pharmacy after the surgery care."

"Professional, courteous, thorough, cordial, hospitable."

"The new facility is terrific and very efficient. Very little waiting time."

"The Center was clean, safe, and well-equipped. The staff were all very friendly, informative, professional, and took great care of me."

"Non-intimidating atmosphere. Comfortable and laid back, rather than the intensity and pressure of a hospital."